Lower Park Drive, Dothill

An urban green space adjacent to Dothill Local Nature Reserve. Forming part of the green network, this site provides important connectivity to nearby Apley Woods and the wider landscape.

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Telford 50
Telford & Wrekin Council

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  • Timothy Lewis 15-04-2018 14:56

    As one suggestion, following on from the previous comment. Would the big area coming forward from McCormick Drive to the left of the footpath be a good site to create a Wildflower Meadow? With a defined grass route to walk through possibly and signage about the flowers and myriad of insects including bees, butterflies etc that it attracts?

  • Timothy Lewis 14-04-2018 5:50

    As the narrative states Lower Park Drive, Dothill has an (immediate) adjacency to the Dothill LNR, perhaps the people who are voting for this site would like to see the Dothill LNR extended to include this site? That way it will have the opportunity to be enhanced by the wonderful work of the Friends and is more likely to be improved over the longer term by an increased ability to access further grant funding. Thoughts?